New LionDesk Services - Coming Soon!

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LionDesk Landing Page Creation – Coming Soon!

Creation of 3 LionDesk Landing Pages. Requires purchase of the Landing Page LionDesk add-on feature from LionDesk.

LionDesk Facebook Ad/Landing Page/Pre-Determined Campaign Lead Funnel Package – Coming Soon!

Turn-key! Creation of one Facebook Ad using the LionDesk Ad Portal, one LionDesk Landing Page, and installation/auto-assignment of a pre-determined follow-up campaign.

We create/set up all of these elements.

You’ll have a selection of Ads to choose from like First-Time Home Buyer, FSBO, Active Listing to generate Buyer Leads, Get your Home Value, and more!

LionDesk A La Carte Campaigns – Available Now!

Choose from a bank of campaigns beyond what you get with the Set Up or Recharge Service.

We install and provide a helper video on how to use your campaign.

Luxury Buyer and Seller, FSBO, Expired Seller, and more!

LionDesk Monthly Account Mgmt – Coming Soon!

We perform weekly (not daily) tasks to keep your LionDesk organized and functioning well.

This is NOT daily support, you will still need to perform tasks yourself.

LionDesk Custom Services Quote

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