LionDesk CRM - Existing Account Recharge Service

LionDesk CRM one-time RECHARGE Service
For EXISTING LionDesk Subscribers

If you have purchased the Set Up Service in the past you DO NOT need the Recharge Service.

Does NOT Include Contact Organization & Import
$549 (one-time fee)

LionDesk CRM subscription not included.
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Here’s what you get with the one-time LionDesk CRM RECHARGE Service for EXISTING Subscribers

  1. A Dedicated Point of Contact
    Your knowledgeable Client Coordinator guides you through the service and hosts your one-on-one Wrap Up.
  2. A Strong Bank of Marketing Campaigns
    We install several pre-written marketing campaigns and assist you with assigning them to your contacts.
  3. Your Marketing Assets Added to Campaign Touches
    We add your provided marketing assets (videos, logo, eGuide, infographics, landing page* links, etc) to the included marketing campaigns to make them even more engaging and branded to you.
  4. Organization/Clean Up Your Campaign List/Template Folder
    We organize and tidy up your existing marketing campaign list and template folders for improved navigation.
  5. Clean Up and Customization of Your Settings
    We clean up as needed and then customize your existing Campaigns, Settings Area, Custom Contact Fields, Hotness Levels, and Tags to best suit your business.
  6. Addition of Your Core Profile Information
    We set up your email signature and related information.
  7. Review of your Current Contacts/Limited Labeling Assistance
    We do our best to label, relabel your contacts as possible/provide guidance. We DO NOT import contacts. Need contacts imported? See our Add-On Service.
  8. Explanation of the Google/Outlook/MSN** Integration
    We help you connect your Google/Outlook/MSN** account to LionDesk; sync your emails, contacts and calendar events.
  9. Set-Up of Lead Distribution/3rd Party Integrations
    We set up lead routing for Zillow, and 2 additional sites as needed.  Additional costs for more than 2 add’l platforms. We do our best; no guarantees. Lead routing from certain platforms may not be possible.
  10. Connection to the Facebook Lead Ad Portal***
    We assist with connecting your Facebook Business Page to the LionDesk Facebook Ad Portal*** and explain how you can take advantage of this LionDesk feature.
  11. Set Up of 5 Short Codes
    We set up 5 short codes you select (requires a LionDesk custom number).
  12. Assistance with Whitelabeling****
    We explain and assist with whitelabeling**** to help improve your email delivery rate.
  13. One-Hour Overview Video
    We introduce you to LionDesk and how to use it effectively via a one-hour recorded video.
  14. 30-Minute One-on-One Wrap-Up Session
    We host a one-on-one screen-sharing session to finalize your Recharge Service.

* We will add hyperlinks to your EXISTING Landing Pages URLs if you provide them. This service does not include creation of landing pages. Learn more about the LionDesk Landing Page Add-On Feature

** Google/Outlook/MSN* integration. Email, Contact and Calendar sync options vary per platform.

*** You must have a FB Business Page in order to connect LionDesk and YOUR Facebook account. No Facebook Business Page? It’s OK, LionDesk lets you use their Facebook Business Page to run ads.

**** Whitelabeling is only available to users with the Pro+ or higher subscription level that are ALSO using domain email (you own the domain).

We work with all LionDesk subscription levels.

We cannot install the included campaigns into a LionDesk trial subscription; you must have a paid subscription.

Service expires one year after purchase.

The following is NOT Included in our one-time LionDesk CRM RECHARGE Service for EXISTING Subscribers

  • Contact Organization & Import. Add-on service available, see below.
  • Transaction Management Explanation or Data Entry
  • Landing Page creation (LionDesk Landing Page Add-On)
  • Lead Routing beyond the included Additional Platforms. Add’l cost.
  • Creation of Videos
  • Writing of Email/Text Templates beyond those in the included Campaigns
  • Creation/Management of Facebook Ads
  • Power Dialer Assistance
  • IDX/Website initial set up. We only set up integration after your IDX is configured
Requires purchase of our one-time LionDesk CRM RECHARGE Service for EXISTING Subscribers
$199 (one-time fee)

Only available to purchasers of the LionDesk RECHARGE Service.

Requires a 15-Minute Info Call with us to determine if this add-on is needed/possible.